Episode 13 – The thirsty Hop Experience

A great podcast kicking off with shoutouts to the best in the craft beer business, followed by a brief interview with Matt from Boatrocker followed by a beer tasting of the boatrocker beers with the Thirsty Hop himself, drew Sculthorpe. Check out his website at http://www.thethirstyhop.com


Episode 12a – Wig and Pen w/ Jeremy Michael


This week’s podcast is a two-parter with Jeremy Michael.

Jeremy Michael is the assistant brewer at Canberra’s brewpub The Wig and Pen. We talk about his history of brewing and being involved in beer, before getting onto the important topic of the future of the wig and pen.

The wig and pen is set to move to the Australian National University’s school of music so we talk about the logistics behind this…and more.

Part 2 is out soon